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From the archive of the Church of Cassano D'adda, a small town between Bergamo and Milan, in 1834 some women began to embroider a dress for the Madonna and some religious vestments, in 1870 they were joined by a girl, "Lindin" Solivari, sister di Natale Solivari, who opened a small workshop and began to work for various companies in Milan.


In 1919 "Lindin" Solivari died, his brother Natale continued the business becoming Master of an artisan school of cutting and sewing, one of the most important in Milan.


In 1921 Natale died at the age of 48, leaving 3 children, one of whom was Luigi Bruno Solivari, aged only 8.


With many difficulties, Natale's wife (Teodosia) continued her husband's work, in 1925/1927 her son Luigi Bruno helped her mother in her work.


In 1937 Luigi Bruno married Ambrogina Pancerasa  and moved to Lodi, opening a laboratory.


Luigi Bruno left for the Second World War and in 1945 he resumed work with many difficulties helped by his wife Ambrogina who had continued this work during the war years.


In 1955 Francesco (son of Luigi) helps his father and mother in his work gaining experience, in 1961 he opens an embroidery workshop in Bergamo.

In 1964 Luigi Bruno died and the two companies in Bergamo and Lodi became one with headquarters in Bergamo.


In 1965 Francesco married Luisa Pea and two children were born, Bruno and Matteo, in 1981 the company SOLIVARI S.r.L was born together with his wife Luisa, his collaborator for several years.


Currently the whole Solivari family, Francesco, Bruno and Matteo work in the business.


Today we are a company in the ecclesiastical clothing sector, which comes from 4 generations with experience accumulated over the years, our production makes use of chasubles, stoles, shirts, surplices, albs, lectern covers, banners and more, also studying customized fabrics.


We always try to keep our reality at the forefront with the latest technology and generation machinery, we are always looking for new models trying to promote quality and customer satisfaction.


For all these reasons, the Solivari company wants to give its customers excellent quality, style and Italian taste while maintaining reasonable prices.




Good job everyone,

Francesco Solivari

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